Asbestos Removal

Licensed & Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal in the Scottish Borders region

Do you currently have asbestos products in your domestic or commercial property that requires removal? John Rae Limited are here to assist you in the safe removal of all asbestos types from sprayed coatings, textured decorative coatings, AIB & more. With both Licensed & Non-Licensed trained operatives we can carry out all types of removal no matter how big or small.

There are many types of asbestos containing materials which are graded under Licensed & Non-Licensed works. Below are examples of both types of asbestos containing listed under different classes.
Interior of quality kitchen in Scottish Borders region
Interior of quality bathroom in Scottish Borders region

Non-Licensed Works

  • Textured coatings
  • Asbestos cement roofing
  • Asbestos-containing gasket
  • Asbestos Insulation Board
  • Asbestos paper and cardboard products
  • Asbestos cement (AC)
To further assist in deliberating whether the works fall within the NNLW category
an Asbestos Work Categories Chart has been devised which can be viewed on
the HSE site.

Asbestos Facts

  • Asbestos is a naturally occurring, fibrous silicate mineral which was used in a variety of useful products for hundreds of years 
  • Since 1992 it has been illegal to use asbestos to make new products in the UK.
  • In 1999, the selling and fixing of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in the UK was banned.
  • Breathing in air containing asbestos fibres can lead to asbestos-related diseases; mainly cancers of the lungs and chest lining, and past exposure to asbestos can kill. However, asbestos is only a risk to health if asbestos fibres are released into the air and breathed in.
  • There are three main types of asbestos still found in premises: 'blue asbestos' (crocidolite), 'brown asbestos' (amosite) and 'white asbestos' (chrysotile).
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